How do we do things?

At Mindfulness Design, you can access our services through workshops, online learning (coming soon!), coaching and consultation. Contact us for more information.

Interactive Workshops

  • Custom pre-workshop preparation
  • Tailored approach to fit your needs
  • Unique tools and proven methods
  • Access to design thinking expertise
  • Supportive and friendly guidance
  • Bespoke follow-up services

Online Courses

  • Learning at your speed
  • Digestible, easy-to-follow content
  • Professional, quality videos
  • Accompanying printable worksheets
  • Digital copies of our tools
  • Certificates of completion

Coaching & Consultation

  • Personalised experience
  • Effective, no-nonsense coaching
  • For teams and management
  • Structured, expert-led sessions
  • Informal chats and ad hoc advice
  • Support for our other services