All of our services follow our human-centred design process, they are just delivered differently to best suit you.

Our Process

This diagram is the human-centred design process we use to develop company culture. As part of these packages and services we train your business to use this process to develop your own culture and maintain it into the future.




“I found their approach to be grounded but deeply engaging. Their tools challenge you to think about processes much more deeply, and to look at your own perceptions in greater detail.”

Marina, CEO of Apricity Solutions


Our workshops follow our human-centred design process with tools for each stage of the process. We deliver our workshops usually for a maximum of 20 people over one or two days, dependant on client needs. On their own, our workshops are designed just to teach the method of using our tools and the process. For a more complete service, please look at our packages.


Our consultation sessions are designed to give you flexibility to work on your culture in and around your working week. Sessions usually last for 30 minutes with tailored support to each client, with the option to purchase multiple sessions with a development plan.


Nurturing human connection and improving mental health, through the development of company culture.


We provide packages to give you a structured development process, complete with toolkits and follow-up guidance.

Micro businesses
& Start-ups


Large organisations &
public sector

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