Service Design

The emerging term ‘service design’ refers to the application of design processes for business strategies and service creation. Design thinking acts as the framework for businesses to develop new products and services. Service design capitalises on the use of design processes to create services using a structured method that ensures human/user-centric results. At Mindfulness Design we help your business develop a capacity for service design using our toolkit and work with you to produce solutions that are both user-friendly and admin-friendly.

To give you the best change to develop effective services, we provide clients with workshops to co-create services, and also provide people with the knowledge to design their own service using our toolkit.

Our tailored service design process

The importance of innovative thinking in service design

‘In the EU-28, more than one quarter (27.3 %) of all enterprises reported organisational innovation during the period 2012–2014. The second most common type of innovation concerned product innovation (innovation that encompasses new or significantly improved goods or services), which took place in 23.9 % of all enterprises, followed by marketing innovation (22.8 %) and process innovation(21.6 %). It is important to note that individual enterprises may have introduced more than one of these types of innovation.’

How we can help you develop service design in your business

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