Industrial Design

At Mindfulness Design we can help you design and create products that reflect the human needs and values of your users. We break down your needs and your target market, seeking to develop a type of DNA that we can use a guide to develop products. Drawing and creating prototypes is where we can experiment and get the core concepts right. We believe its important to keep our clients as close to the design work as possible, so we schedule workshops and breakout sessions to discuss concepts and develop products together.

We believe in designing products that have the environment as a primary focus. That’s why we only work with sustainable manufacturers and seek to use the least environmentally impactive materials and methods, without compromising the product quality.

Our Process


  • Empathise
  • Define
  • Research
  • Articulate


  • Idea creation
  • Sketching
  • Preliminary CAD
  • Idea mapping


  • Low-high fidelity
  • Interaction development
  • UI & UX design


  • User trials
  • Focus groups
  • Evaluations
  • Product finalisation

Launch & Adapt

  • Design for production
  • Packaging design
  • Supporting materials
  • Product lifecycle

What have we been up to?

Dyson Project

As a joint project with Kortrijk University in Belgium, Josh from Mindfulness Design worked with Dyson to develop concepts for the future of public restrooms, following the release of the ‘Dyson Airblade’ tap. Josh headed the development of an all-in-one restroom unit that could be easily installed in airplanes as well as any restroom. The focus of developing these prototypes was to experiment with hygienic interactions with products in restroom environments.

Tiny House Design

Following the rise of house prices and the growing trend of minimalism in the UK and the US, tiny houses have become a desired option by many. Keeping costs low but still living with many modern conveniences, tiny house design is about maximizing useable space while maintaining a feel of openness. This experimental design embraces natural light and changing spaces to give a sense of comfort and space within a tiny house.

Chair Design

Developing a chair design for manufacture can be challenging. It can be made more challenging when your only material is a single sheet of plywood that is only 3ft x 1.5ft. When designing this seemingly simple chair, Josh designed over 30 models ranging from wireframe and cardboard to scaled lasered-out ply. The client for this piece of furniture wanted it to follow a triangular style derived from her favourite fashion designer.

Interior Design

This set of kitchen designs were made for a client to give a sense of different options for their new kitchen. Josh adopted a range of different styles and experimented with different layouts to get a sense for what the client did and did not like.

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