We offer a range of packages that vary based on the size of businesses. With larger organisations, the more complex the culture. However, we know every company culture and its people are unique, so we adapt our packages to every client, regardless of size. Simply, our packages act as a guide.

Our Process

This diagram is the human-centred design process we use to develop company culture. As part of these packages and services we train your business to use this process to develop your own culture and maintain it into the future.




Micro businesses
& start-ups

We know that culture is best developed while a business is new. That’s why we’ve created an affordable package for start-ups and micro businesses to benefit from.

Workshops: 1 Day
Consultation: 5 hours
Reporting: None
Participants: 5 – 15
Toolkit: Limited


We don’t just offer a culture for you to adopt, we work with you and give you the tools to develop a culture that embodies the ambitions and vision of the business. This package offers an initial culture report which we use to develop a tailored workshop and consultation plan.

Workshops: 3 Days
Consultation: 15 hours
Reporting: Yes (only based on current culture)
Participants: 15 -20
Toolkit: Full Toolkit

Large enterprise
& public sectors

Culture is an ongoing project that needs routine maintenance and upgrades as the business grows. This package offers longer-term support with workshops and consultation sessions that can be broken up over several months. With larger businesses comes more complexity, so this package comes with an amount of bespoke tailoring.

Workshops: 6 Days
Consultation: 30 hours
Reporting: Yes (before and after)
Participants: 15 -20
Toolkit: Full Toolkit with rights to reuse

Individual Services

Understandably, developing culture is different for every business. That’s why we offer flexible services that we tailor to your needs.




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