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Do you and your employees want to learn about innovation and company culture? Grow your business by signing up for our modular learning program, which includes video lessons from our experts, worksheets and examinations for you to earn a Mindfulness Design certificate of completion. Our team is hard at work on our online courses, so bear with us!

S1: Introduction to innovation

In this course you will learn about what innovation has to offer and why innovation is so important to business.

M1: What is innovation?
M2: Innovation and market readiness
M3: Innovation and technological determinism

S2: Design thinking

This course teaches you about design thinking and the applications within business, public sector and services.

M1: Overview of design thinking
M2: Design thinking in business
M3: Design thinking in the public sector
M4: Product and service development

S3: Process of ideas

In this course you will learn about the origins of ideas and how you can use philosophy to understand creativity.

M1: The basics of applied philosophy
M2: Phenomenology
M3: Phenomenological design

S4: Divergent thinking

In this course you will learn the process of divergent thinking and how you can use it as a method for coming up with original ideas.

M1: Divergent thinking and innovation
M2: The process of divergent thinking

S5: Developing and refining ideas

In this course, learn how to take an idea and use design processes to refine and develop it into something that works.

M1: Developing ideas
Refining ideas

S6: Prototyping

In this course you will learn how to prototype effectively, developing and testing ideas with physical and digital models.

M1: Developing ideas further
M2: Defining your idea
M3: Low-fidelity prototyping
M4: Mid-fidelity prototyping
M5: High-fidelity prototyping

S7: Testing and adapting

This courses teaches you how to test and adapt your product or service, thinking critically about the contextual worth of your idea.

M1: Testing
M2: Adapting

S8: Pitching ideas and launch

It’s now time to get others on board and launch your idea. This course shows you how to pitch your innovation, with practical marketing tips.¬†

M1: Pitching ideas
M2: Idea launch

S1: Introduction to company culture

Under Construction

S2: Company DNA

Under Construction


S3: Company to community

Under Construction

S4: Working patterns and environment

Under Construction


S5: Introduction to company communication

Under Construction

S6: Communication with colleagues

Under Construction


S7: Communication with clients

Under Construction

S8: Communication and leadership

Under Construction


S9: Communication and managment structures

Under Construction

S10: Emotional intelligence

Under Construction


S11: Work-life balance

Under Construction

S12: Managing stress and pressure

Under Construction