Company Culture Workshops

A company’s culture is the unspoken social fabric of the business. It is what makes or breaks every business eventually. A great culture creates a massively progressive business that oozes creativity and passion for creating change. These businesses are usually the company’s that redefine their market and push the boundaries of innovation. Unfortunately, a bad culture is formed similar to leaving a garden to become overgrown. A culture requires consistent development and tweaking, which is all too easy to put to one side. Company culture can be very difficult to improve without specialist help and many companies experience the same problems as you. The longer a bad culture is in place, the longer it is affecting your business and the people working there.

Our journey for developing a company culture

Our Company culture process

Our core design process that we use is human-centred design. However, we have adapted this process to work for businesses (company culture development). We break this down into three simple steps. Each step is comprised of four elements that, in turn, have various tools to address different needs. This way, we take a complex method and make it easy to follow through intuitive design. If you want to know more about our process, please get in contact with us today.


Business DNA

Stress Reduction

Leadership & Management

Emotional Intelligence

Staff Loyalty

Creative culture

Staff well-being

Decision making

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