Coaching & consultation

What we offer

Sometimes, workshops and online courses can’t give you the personal one-to-one time you need. You may want some extra guidance to follow up on your journey. Or, you just want some coaching around a particular area. We offer bookable sessions for you to speak to an expert.

Innovation Consultation

  • Innovation advice and suggestions
  • Creativity training
  • Process mentoring
  • 1 hour session
  • Email support

Innovation is an on-going process. Having support when you need it is critical when you are thinking about business decisions. This is perfect for if you need a guide to help you get from where you are to where you need to be. It’s not hand-holding; it’s pointing you in the right direction and supporting you along the way.

You can book one-to-one consultation sessions with an innovation and design thinking specialist, either in person or via phone or video conferencing. Too often, people say things like, ‘I wish I were creative,’ or ‘My ideas are no good.’ We have news for you: everyone can be innovative.

Think big. Think ahead. Create the future.

Company Culture Consultation

  • Company culture advice and suggestions
  • Method mentoring
  • Company DNA analysis
  • 1-hour session
  • Email support

Developing a company culture is challenging and having the right support is crucial, especially in times of change. Particularly aimed at management, but also valuable for all employees, we tailor our consulting to each person’s personal and professional needs. This works well in conjunctions with our workshops.

These sessions are aimed at giving you the tools you need for a sustainable, brilliant company culture. With younger generations and new technology changing the face of the workplace, culture has become a big topic. There’s pressure to adapt. It’s one of those things that can make a big impact on attracting new talent and retaining employees.

Get mindful about work. Connect. Collaborate.

Personal Development Coaching

  • Mindfulness training
  • Relationship guidance
  • Self-discovery advice
  • 45-minute session
  • Email support

Personal development is part of our company culture packages. This is less about the business and more about you as an individual, whether you are a CEO, a manager or the newest member of the team. We offer guidance and a safe space for those who want to develop using our structured human-centred design processes and philosophical methodologies.

You can book one-to-one personal development and leadership coaching, either in person or via phone or video conferencing. A great addition to your business training structures, these discussions are all about introspection and mindfulness. This 1-1 time would also be part of most of our workshop preparations.

It’s personal. Be authentic. Thrive.