Design Swansea – Innovation Talk

We had a great evening at the Design Swansea event. We revealed some secrets behind the mystery of innovation and learnt about ‘Consistency within writing’ and how your content for a website sets a tone and builds a picture about your business.

It was clear from comments after the talk that creativity-on-demand is difficult, and that people struggle to ideate rapidly. The application of divergent thinking as a method to achieve innovation is still in its infancy, however the logical and clear process we demonstrated proved that everyone can be creative when guided through a process.

I would recommend this event to anyone who is looking to develop their business or is interested in learning about the dynamics of design within business.



Dragons of Newport

(This news update is written by our Events and marketing human, Mia. Enjoy!)

So, a networking event I said to myself. Great idea, how do they work? Unfortunately, sometimes (as in this case) they involve getting up at ridiculous o clock to make the drive from Cardiff to Newport by 7am.

After a reviving tea and a few handshakes, we set about on our mission. A little like a business speed date, attendees have one minute to give a description of their company and the ‘dragons’ at the table oversee their particular table, then swapsies occur and the cycle repeats.

It was an effective way to get a concise idea of how we want to describe our services, as having a timed minute makes you choose your words carefully to give the clearest image of yourselves. We were able to meet a selection of folk from a wide variety of professions from around Newport and Cardiff.

Now we’re feeling very excited for the challenges in our first year of business and the prospective clientele we may be able to help in the year ahead. Meeting and talking to the people in your local area can put faces to the masses, connecting is important. It’s the starting point of our work with clients. Seeing these professionals, makes our goal of improving the work place for the people of South Wales (and beyond) feel tangible.

It was interesting to hear people’s interpretations of mindfulness in the work place.  We were happy so many were intrigued by the alternative methods of businesses modelling we teach. Many hadn’t considered that approaching problem solving with a methodology. Structures for thinking, that’s our wheelhouse!