What we believe

We’re tree-hugging hippies! Well, maybe not quite. We believe honest human connections, along with a bit of creative flair, can make great strides to a better future for business.

We know companies can be so much more than profit-machines. The money matters, yes, but the people are the growth engine of your business, and of ours. That’s why we are a completely flexible, remote-working organisation.

Long-term happiness is at the heart of every business decision. Our focus is on helping organisations in the UK grow sustainably. We think creativity is a big part of that, as well as a great company culture.

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Our Values

Ideas are realised by working together, so design the work around the people.

Yes, everyone is creative

Creativity isn’t just for writers or artists. No-one is ‘a creative’. We believe everyone can tap into that innovative energy and come up with brilliant ideas.

Be authentic

You have an inner self that tells you if you are being true to your core beliefs and standards. Hopefully, the work you do aligns with that self.

Think critically

We don’t want you to just nod along. Question, research – make your own mind up. In a workplace that is committed to progress, the real risk is in not speaking up.

Listen first

Too often the loudest gets heard. It’s worth listening actively and learning from others before you speak.

Practice compassion

Empathy is a muscle. It needs exercise to grow. When you are working together you need to be vulnerable to connect properly and to really understand one another.

Do business sustainably

The environment matters. But, sustainability is more than green business practices. It’s thinking of work as a marathon, not a sprint.

Find a balance

It’s your life. You need to find something within your work that keeps you going and that motivates you, but you should always remember to take a minute just to be.

Our Team

Meet the people that keep this engine running.

Josh Hart 1

Josh Hart, CEO

Head design-thinking human


So, do I know what I am talking about?

It's understandable that you would like to know more about the people you are looking to hire. Here I will give you a little background as for my experience and education.

I have worked for many clients in Europe developing design thinking into their businesses and organisations during my career. I have trained innovative thinking methods to businesses like Atradius and European Central Bank. I've helped develop services for Northern Irland civil service and HMRC. I have presented talks to European Design days and exhibited my design work at Kortrijk Expo 3D printing event. As part of a project for Interreg Europe, I travelled to Italy, Spain and Belgium sharing knowledge about design thinking and business development. I have developed E-learning software for numerous health and safety courses for both the UK and international countries.

As for my education;

Graphic Design HND Merit

Product Design BA 1st Class degree with honors

Design Futures MA Distincition

mia lovat 1

Mia Lovatt-Wilde

Events and marketing human

Maddy leslie 1

Madeleine Leslie

Content and editing human