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On a personal note, in three words, I’m personable, optimistic and intuitive. I’ll challenge you and your team to problem-solve in a way you may not have experienced in the past, with totally relevant and bespoke tools that I both design and deliver. I’m busy, that’s all I’ll say. Well, one more thing: don’t judge me on my dyslexic-fuelled spelling and we’ll get on just fine. Book a free chat with me here.

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About Josh Hart

(Freelance designer and consultant)

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In terms of public speaking, I have presented talks on European Design days and exhibited my design work at Kortrijk Expo 3D printing event. As part of a project for Interreg Europe, I travelled to Italy, Spain and Belgium sharing knowledge about design thinking and business development.

With ambitions to offer my services as online learning packages, I draw on my experience of developing E-learning software for numerous health and safety courses for both the UK and international countries.

As for my education:

  • Graphic Design HND Merit
  • Product Design BA 1st Class degree with honours
  • Design Futures MA Distinction

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Values[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.22.7″ min_height=”75px” custom_margin=”-46px||-3px|||” custom_padding=”50px||0px|||”]

Ideas are realised by working together, so design the work around the people.

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Everyone is creative

Creativity isn’t just for writers or artists. No-one is ‘a creative’. We believe everyone can tap into that innovative energy and come up with brilliant ideas.

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Be authentic

You have an inner self that tells you if you are being true to your core beliefs and standards. Hopefully, the work you do aligns with that self.

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Think critically

We don’t want you to just nod along. Question, research – make your own mind up. In a workplace that is committed to progress, the real risk is in not speaking up.

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Listen first

Too often the loudest gets heard. It’s worth listening actively and learning from others before you speak.

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Practice compassion

Empathy is a muscle. It needs exercise to grow. When you are working together you need to be vulnerable to connect properly and to really understand one another.

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Do business sustainably

The environment matters. But, sustainability is more than green business practices. It’s thinking of work as a marathon, not a sprint.

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Find a balance

It’s your life. You need to find something within your work that keeps you going and that motivates you, but you should always remember to take a minute just to be.

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Want to make your own values?

If you like the idea of having a value-driven business, contact us here.