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Nurturing human connection and improving mental health, through the development of company culture.


Understandably, developing culture is different for every business. That’s why we offer flexible services that we tailor to your needs.




Intro guide to company culture


We provide packages to give you a structured development process, complete with toolkits and follow-up guidance.

Micro businesses
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Large organisations &
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Speculative design and innovation

What is speculative design? If someone has explained the term speculative design to you before, you’re not alone in feeling confused. Speculative design is relatively new, meaning it has a variety of different terms; critical design, design fiction and disruptive...

Service design:  Basic tutorial

Service design:  Basic tutorial   Service design is the simple application of design as a process to develop services. It’s a method to structure the revival of existing services and develop new ones that reflect the standards that users currently expect. Clunky,...

The key benefits of mindfulness for designers

Mindfulness for designers is about keeping a clear mind and producing great work. Mindfulness reduces stress and improves creativity.

Top 5 tips for your innovative journey

Read Mindfulness Design’s top 5 tips for business innovation. Your innovation journey starts with just a few simple steps, but it can lead to great things.

4 types of practices for mindfulness at work

Mindfulness at work is not always easy to achieve. From meditative practices to getting out in nature, here’s our tips for making your business mindful.


Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what others have said about us.

“We in the University of Huddersfield – Product Design Department would like to thanks Joshua Hart and his team at Mindfulness Design for setting up an extremally useful workshop for our students during the Innovation week. They worked with different tools, breaking down the problems, and exploring the barriers that stop them from being creative. Thank you so much!

Hope you can make it again next year!”

Dr Emilene Zitkus

Product Design Lecturer, University of Huddersfield

“I would highly recommend anyone in business attend courses run by Mindfulness Design; whether new to business or established. In fact, these innovations might be of use to someone thinking about setting up a business or to help develop a concept or invention that they might have.”


Founder, @efferjy

“I joined Josh and Mia for a Design Thinking and Innovation workshop, and really enjoyed my day. I found their approach to be grounded but deeply engaging. Their tools challenge you to think about processes much more deeply, and to look at your own perceptions in greater detail. Spinning ideas Mad Hatter style was also great fun! Can highly recommend!”


CEO, Brand Designer, Apricity Solutions

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