Mindfulness Design

Fulfilling human needs and values through design


  • Empathise
  • Define
  • Research
  • Articulate


  • Idea creation
  • Sketching
  • Preliminary CAD
  • Idea mapping


  • Low-high fidelity
  • Interaction development
  • UI & UX design


  • User trials
  • Focus groups
  • Evaluations
  • Product finalisation

Launch & Adapt

  • Design for production
  • Packaging design
  • Supporting materials
  • Product lifecycle

Industrial Design

Creating products is becoming more and more challenging. We help business produce fulfilling products.

Service Design

Using human-centred design, we help clients develop services that reflect the needs of users.

Speculative Design

The future is uncertain, but we help organisations explore different futures through design.

Visual Design

We help businesses develop a brand DNA and with a strong visual identity using graphics.

Innovative Thinking

We can enable you to be creative on demand with our innovative thinking workshops.

Business Culture

Your company culture is the foundation that success is built on. Are you making the most of it?

The key benefits of mindfulness for designers

Mindfulness for designers is about keeping a clear mind and producing great work. Mindfulness reduces stress and improves creativity.

Top 5 tips for your innovative journey

Read Mindfulness Design’s top 5 tips for business innovation. Your innovation journey starts with just a few simple steps, but it can lead to great things.

4 types of practices for mindfulness at work

Mindfulness at work is not always easy to achieve. From meditative practices to getting out in nature, here’s our tips for making your business mindful.

Design Swansea – Innovation Talk

We had a fantastic time at the Design Swansea event, and were thrilled to be asked to speak about innovation and divergent thinking methods.

Dragons of Newport

Entrepreneurs gathered today at the Dragons of Newport event. Apart from socialising with interesting, clever and lovely people, we enjoyed learning from others as they told us about their business journeys.

What we believe

If you take away the fancy drawing styles, CAD programs and turtlenecks, most design fields seem rather similar. At Mindfulness Design we believe, underneath it all, designers focus on the needs of people and draw out value. Design is the process that we use to do this, with ideas forming around what matters. The rest is skill and turtlenecks.

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